Post-Rapture Survival Guide

We believe that Jesus Christ will return for believers in the very near future and feel that it is important to reach others while there is still time. Due to this, we are distributing flash drives full of information on how to choose Christ, discipleship material, videos, books, bible versions – things that are useful now, but that will also give instruction for the period immediately after the rapture of the Church.

We invite you to join us in distributing this information by creating your own flash drives to hand out, as God leads.

We did not create this content and can no longer find it online.
If you are the original creator, please reach out to us so we can give you credit!

If you’re reading this after the disappearance of millions of people worldwide, this information will be very valuable to those around you. Please copy and distribute!

These zip files will need to be downloaded and extracted (unzipped) on your computer and then loaded onto flash drives.

You will need 8GB flash drives. We purchase them on Amazon for about $25 for 10 drives.

Labels to attach to drives are included in the first folder.

READ ME FIRST: (Open this folder)

Written Materials: (Articles and Books)

Videos – How & Why to be Saved in Jesus Christ

Videos – Left Behind after Rapture and Mark of the Beast