Welcome to Ark of Hope Fellowship!
We are Free Grace and Rapture Ready!

What does that mean exactly?

We believe that the scriptures teach that salvation is found in Christ alone; not Christ + being a good person or works.  This is “Free Grace” theology. The Good News is so simple a child can understand. No matter how far you’ve run, no matter how badly you’ve made a mess of things, no matter your addictions, no matter how many times you’ve failed.  Jesus is waiting for you.  He’s reaching out to you.  You’ve found us for a reason.  Dig deeper.  Follow His leading.  Time is short.

We believe in the imminent return of Christ, but we aren’t called to sit in our pew all nice and clean while we wait on Him (we don’t even have pews!)  Each of us strive to walk daily with Christ through the Holy Spirit, teaching our children the grace and love of Jesus and reaching out to the world – a world that has just a short period of time before horrible times come upon the earth.