The Jewish Wedding (John 14)

  1. Betrothal (Cross)
    1. The Groom seeks out His prospective Bride and offers her His love. She drinks the wine He offers if she accepts the proposal. If she does, only a divorce could nullify the betrothal.
  2. Preparation (Church Age)
    1. Groom prepares a home (usually attached to His Father’s house) for Him and His Bride. This normally took about a year to do. Meantime, the Bride is preparing her wedding garment, decking it out with precious adornments.
  3. Surprise (Rapture)
    1. Whenever the Father gave His Son the go ahead, the Son would retrieve His Bride. He would bring along His companions. Once His presence was announced with a shofar blast, His companions would take up the Bride on a litter and carry her to the Father’s house.
  4. Ceremony and Consummation (Bema)
    1. After a final ceremony, the Groom would take His Bride into the wedding chamber and consummate the union. This was announced through the door to the guests.
  5. Celebration (Tribulation)
    1. Once the announcement was made, the guests would celebrate for seven days with feasting while the couple enjoyed a private honeymoon in their chamber.
  6. Revealing and Banquet (Second Coming and Millennium)
    1. After the seven days were over, the couple would reveal themselves and the celebration would continue in their presence.
  7. Conclusion (Eternal State)
    1. When the banquet was over, the guests would return to their homes and the life of the couple together would officially commence. They were now truly at home with each other and what God had put together would never be put asunder.

Author: James Buddy Smith
Ark of Hope Fellowship
Jasper, Georgia