Exegetical Methods: The Church and the Kingdom

What is the Kingdom? Is it literal?

  1. What do the prophets say about the Kingdom? Is it literal? Isaiah 62:1-5; Isaiah 65; Zechariah 14
    1. So, what were John and Jesus preaching? Matthew 3:1-2; 4:1; 25:31
      1. We cannot separate the message of repentance from the covenant relationship God has with His chosen nation!
      1. 70 A.D. is a key event, signaling captivity for Israel until the restoration of the end times (Hosea 6). The Bible speaks of two restorations (Isaiah 11:11-12).

Why is the Church a “mystery”? What is the Kingdom’s “mystery form”?

  1. What does it mean that the Church is a “parenthesis” in God’s plan? Daniel 9
    1. What did Jesus begin preaching after He was rejected? Matthew 13 (the “mystery form” of the Kingdom).
    1. What about Luke 17:20-21?
      1. The proper translation is “in your midst.” It means the kingdom was available through the presence of the King.

If the Kingdom is physical and visible, why did it not come in Jesus’ day?

  • How was Israel’s unbelief affect the nation as a whole? Matthew 21:18-22; 23:39; 24:2, 32-35
    • Were they given another chance after the ascension? Acts 3:19-20
      • 40 years acted as a time of testing during which miracles authenticated the Apostles’ message.

If the Church is not the Kingdom, will the Church be in the Kingdom? Revelation 3:21; 19:14

  • Are there different levels of participation in Christ’s reign? 2 Timothy 2:11-13 (cf. Luke 19:11-27)
    • Will glorified believers participate differently than natural-bodied saints in the Kingdom? Revelation 20:6

Author: James Buddy Smith
Ark of Hope Fellowship
Jasper, Georgia