Evolutionary Order vs. Creation Order

Sun before earthEarth before sun
Dry land before seaSea before dry land
Atmosphere before seaSea before atmosphere
Sun before light on earthLight on earth before sun
Stars before earthEarth before stars
Earth at same time as planetsEarth before other planets
Sea creatures before land plantsLand plants before sea creatures
Earthworms before starfishStarfish before earthworms
Land animals before treesTrees before land animals
Death before manMan before death
Thorns and thistles before manMan before thorns and thistles
TB pathogens & cancer before man (dinosaurs had TB and cancer)Man before TB pathogens and cancer
Reptiles before birdsBirds before reptiles
Land mammals before whalesWhales before land animals
Simple plants before fruit treesFruit trees before other plants*
Insects before mammalsMammals (cattle) before “creeping things”*
Land mammals before batsBats before land animals
Dinosaurs before birdsBirds before dinosaurs
Insects before flowering plantsFlowering plants before insects
Sun before plantsPlants before sun
Dinosaurs before dolphinsDolphins before dinosaurs
Land reptiles before pterosaursPterosaurs before land reptiles
Land insects before flying insectsFlying insects before land insects